Every room in your home can be a LED room 2

LED lighting helps you enjoy a better life through products that create a cozy and warm
atmosphere, have a longer lifetime, can be dimmable and offer great lighting quality,
among other benefits. But because no room is equal to another, each one has its
personality and suits different necessities, you need different answers for your

Peaceful and relaxing lights for your bedroom

Our bedrooms are the place where we go looking for peace, relax and quietness. Soft LED tones are a must for every bedroom to find the right balance that will let us sleep through the night. For those bedside tables with reading lamps, there is a variety of lamps, that suit the style of your area, the most important is to pick soft or neutral tones for the bulbs.

The living room and your guests

Most fun moments at home happen in the living room. Family gatherings, guest reunions or movie times are usually spent there. The lights here can be different to let you play accordingly to the moment. Mixing the lights is the best option for you and the use of spotlights is an excellent choice when you want to focus on artwork, ornaments or places. For a room, free of shadows and dark corners, some designers point the light to the walls or the ceiling.

Balance for the dining room

The dining room can be a challenging area when deciding where to set up the lights. It is used to eat at different kinds of meals at times of the day with different purposes: from a quick breakfast to a family dinner or a romantic evening, all need a balance that let you see what you eat without disrupting the ambiance. The LED light in soft or neutral tones are the best for dining rooms and dimmable devices are the most practical ones.

The best recipe for your kitchen

Magic works happen in the kitchen. Our wizards start working before sunrise and finish after the night has fallen. The light needs to provide the energy and the brightness to keep the cook alert. Lighting over the counter is great to see the ingredients of the meals and roof lamps are great to create the mood in the kitchen. Dimmable switches are great to have a low impact light when crossing through the kitchen or for a quick entrance to pick up a glass of water or something else from the fridge or den. Good vibes for the bathroom Mirrors are capital in every bathroom. Nobody goes out without looking in the mirror, therefore it needs a clear light coming from around the mirror. These lights around the mirror usually come in larger globes or styles. The main light should come from the ceiling, to enlighten the whole space. White LED bulbs are great to use because we’ll need that bright lights to see clearly after a long hot shower.

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